Do You Need Tooth Fillings

Is your tooth cracked or broken and you do not want to get rid of it? Tooth fillings are items that are used by dentists to repair cracked as well as broken teeth.

The cracks and breaks are as a result of misuse of the tooth. For instance, taking lots of unhealthy sugary foods such as sweets, sodas as well as licking sugar among others.

Getting rid of the tooth will not be a good idea especially for an adult because the tooth will not grow again. The only way possible is opting for tooth fillings.

How tooth fillings are used

  • The area around the affected tooth has to be numbed using an anesthetic. The dentist will then drill the tooth to get rid of the decay. The most suitable equipment should be used to avoid further damage to the tooth. For instance, use air abrasion instrument.
  • Ensure that all the decay is eradicated by probing a test on the tooth.
  • Clean the cavity of the bacteria as well as debris to prepare a way for fillings.
  • The type of fillings used depends on the extent of damage. For example, if the decay is near the root, it is advisable that the ionomer glass liner is first placed on the space, then composite resin then finally the fillings. This is necessary to protect the never from damages.

It is worth mentioning that the tooth fillings are made using different materials such as gold, amalgam, porcelain or any other composite material. The choice depends on the cavity and the degree of damage.

Reasons for tooth fillings

The main reason tooth fillings are used is to protect the underlying nerves. When nerves are affected as a result of tooth pain, the mouth might lose shape because the gums tend to swell.   This is quite dangerous because it can develop into cancerous disease.

Some people also opt for tooth fillings for aesthetic purposes. This mostly affects people who can afford those expensive gold teeth; they would go for gold or diamond tooth fillings to facilitate their beauty.

Tooth fillings are also necessary for replacements. Individuals with brown teeth are fond of replacing the brownness with white fillings.

Tooth filling should be carried out by qualified and experienced dentists. This is because our teeth are quite delicate and if they are not well handled; they develop a range of problems such as cancerous diseases.

It is worth mentioning that tooth fillings can be done both indirectly and directly. Directly is quite easy and would only require one to visit a dentist once, unlike indirect which require a minimum of three visits to the Chandler Dentist.

In direct filling, a soft filling is kept into the tooth. It is set then after some time it becomes hard when it gets into contact with the tooth. Indirect fillings involve inlays, onlays, bridges and crown among others. The filling is fixed permanently with the dental cement.