Does Mouth Wash Help?


This is a question that is mostly common with people who have little information concerning mouth wash. By the end of this article, you will find out how instrumental mouth wash can be in solving your oral problems. In fact, it is thought that mouth wash has had a magical effect in a number of cases. Let us discuss a few oral issues that mouth wash has managed to solve effectively.

In relieving pain

Mouth wash is widely known for its effect of causing numbness. This is the secret behind its pain relieving effect. Clearly, it causes the pain sensory cells inactive thus preventing you from feeling pain. As a matter of fact, it has been widely used in dentistry surgical operations to prevent the patients from feeling pain especially when a tooth is being extracted. Therefore, yes mouth wash is a perfect fit for pain relieving purpose.

In radiation treatment

Radiation treatment is a correct move where treatment of head, throat cancer and mucositis is concerned. However, there is a high feasibility of inflammation resulting from the therapy. This is where the quest of mouth wash steps in. It has been used to assist in relieving the inflammations that result from the therapy. This is due to its effect of preventing production of prostaglandins which mainly result from certain conditions or diseases. It is these elements that are responsible for the mist inflammation cases that are there.

If you have any concerns, please visit your dentist for an accurate assessment.

In preventing formation of mouth sores

One of the best ways in which mouth wash helps is to prevent ulcers and sores. These are thing that mostly result from microbial activities that are known to wear out any surface. Therefore, as we apply the oral hygiene use of mouth wash as an antiseptic, mouth sores and ulcers are also prevented. Thanks to the invention of mouth wash. It has approached this oral menace in a pretty ideal way.

In reducing healing duration

In chemotherapy of mucositis or throat cancer, mouth wash has been found to be really instrumental. By its effect of reducing inflammation and destruction of microbial activities, healing process occurs super fast. This is among the main reasons as to why mouth wash is widely applied in cancer therapy cases.


After all is said and done, medical specialists recommend the use of ethanol free mouthwash rather than the alcohol containing type. This is because; the latter has an effect of causing dryness and also making the oral cavity highly susceptible to cancerous cases. This is why you should confirm to ensure that you are buying an alcohol free mouth wash. Clearly, the answer to the question on the topic is a definite yes. These are not the only uses of mouth wash. Others are such as: anti cavity, anti septic and anti inflammatory only to mention a handful of purposes among the endless list.