Teeth Whitening At The Dentist

Tooth whitening involves deliberate actions to try to restore the teeth to the natural color. White teeth are ornamental; they enable a person to have a beautiful smile. Many people whiten theirs to enhance their look.

Just like skin and air, people have different shades of colors of the teeth. The shades are influenced by the genetic makeup of each individual.  Teeth also tend to become brown over time. The browning come as a result of the stains they gather over the period. The common strainers of teeth are the food and drink people take.


Before anything is done, a thorough dental assessment has to be done. The dental assessment is done to make sure that the procedure is safe for you depending on your oral health. After your dentist has proven that lightening your tooth is a safe procedure, whitening process will be initiated.

Your dentist may wish to have a picture of your teeth taken before the initiation of professional whitening which he or she may use to compare with the one taken at the end of the whitening.

Professional tooth whitening involves bleaching of teeth to restore them to the natural shade of teeth. In preparation for whitening, the gum is protected and a mouth guard put in place. After that, a whitening agent is put on it. The agent could either be hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They whiten the tooth by allowing oxygen into them.

The dental team working on your tooth will only do as much as they can in the dental unit, the rest of the work will be done by you at home. Your tooth whitening process, from the time you visited your dentist to the time you get the results you desire, should last a period of almost three weeks. At the dentist’s you expect to be only an hour after the initiation of whitening. Although during the time, you will have to keep in touch with your dentist.

How long does whitening last?

The span of time before need for another whitening depends on the care given to the teeth. However under normal circumstances, the teeth should remain white for a period of three years.

Side effects

Complains of sensitivity and sore gums have been reported after teeth whitening. When these side effects occur, they are expected to last only a few days.

Frequently undergoing professional whitening that is within one year is harmful to the health of your teeth. The teeth that undergo three to four whitening procedures tend to appear translucent and become weak.

Care for whitened teeth

Teeth color depends largely on the consumption patterns of a person. If you consume food and drinks that are likely to stain your teeth you are likely to have them stained soon after whitening. It is therefore important to watch your drinking and feeding habits. Make sure you brush and floss daily to keep your teeth clean and healthy.